1. Project meeting

06/11/2010 20:00

1. Project meeting


Date: 11.-13. 10. 2010

Location: Český Těšín



10.10. 2010 – arrival of guests to Český Těšín, their accommodation in the Hotel Central



1 day – 11.10.2010

School broadcasting- welcoming of our guests, collecting the guests from the hotel

09.00                                      Welcoming at Elementary school Masarykovy sady Český Těšín

09.00-10.00                            presentation of individual schools and guests

10.00-11.00                            Project meeting

11.00-12.30                            School visit

13.00-14.00                            lunch at the school canteen

14.00-15.00                            free time

15.00-17.00                            sightseeing of the town Český Těšín and Cieszyn, learning something about the town’s and school’s history, visiting of the school club

17.30                                      common dinner at the Restaurant Rozvoj with Czech teachers



2 day – 12.10.2010


9.00                                        welcoming at school

9.00-10.00                              Project meeting

10.00-10.45                            demonstration lesson in the grade 8A

10.55-11.40                            visit of English lesson- workshop with the best pupils

11.40-12.30                            lunch at the school canteen

13.00-17.00                            Ostrava city, sightseeing of Miniuni (exhibition of world miniature buildings)

                                               Visiting Mine museum Landek

18.00                                      dinner in Albrechtice



3 day – 13.10.2010


08.00                                      welcoming with teachers and pupils in the school gymnasium

9.00-10.00                              visiting the kindergarten

10.00-11.45                            Project meeting

11.50-12.35                            inspection of class 4A

12.45-13.15                            lunch at the school canteen

13.15-18.00                            program according to the guests’ wishes (trip to Beskydy mountains, visiting the museums of Ostrava, shopping in the Shopping park in Ostrava

18.00                                      farewell in the hotel Central, dinner individually



Project Meetings’ program


1) meeting the individual countries – schools, directors, coordinators, checking of the addresses, emails and phone numbers

2) Presentation of the individual schools (photos, videos, powerpoint)

3) Time and subject modification of the project based on the newly confirmed countries – time schedule of mobilities and project meetings


4) Project output and results (see. Page 34 in the project request)


September-october 2010        creation of the Project web pages (coordinator, IT)


September – october 2010     testing knowledge of English language of the involved children in the individual countries


October 2010                         Information notice board about the project at school (each country)


October 2010                         information sheets for parents, pupils and teachers (each country)


October 2010                         selecting and dividing 3 fairy tales (about animals, folk and magic) according to level and teachers’ and pupils’ interest (each country)


November 2010- June 2011   fairy tales’ translations and dramatization


June 2011                               sending of translated fairy tales to the coordinator, inserting  them on the project web pages


September 2011- january 2012          Translation of other countries’fairy tales from english to czech language – bilingual fairy tale book will be created


February 2012-april 2012       video diary and DVD film. presentation in Powerpoint describing the work on the project in the individual countries


May 2012                               presentation of the chosen fairy tale in the Czech republic, each country will present dramatic adaptation of the fairy tale to the parents, guests and the public (theatre or with puppets) evaluation of the test of the knowledge of English of the involved children.



Time schedule of the project


October 2010                         project meeting in the Czech republic, 11.-13.10.2010


April 2011                             project meeting in Hungary, within the project meeting the czech school visiting the families in the Hungary, 20 pupils, 2-4 teachers -4.-8.april 2011

May 2011                               project meeting in Turkey 23.5-25.5. 2011


October 2011                         project meetings in Spain, proposal on 3.-5. october 2011


November 2011                     czech school visiting Poland, 21.-25.11. 2011, 10 pupils, 2 teachers


December 2011                     polish and hungarian schools visiting Czech republic, 10 polish and 20 hungarian pupils, teachers, 5.12.-9.12.2011


May 2012                               project meeting in Poland, common evaluation of the project and theatre performance in the Czech republic


Other meetings, and countries’ visits will be written down


Proposed accommodation at the meetings in Budapest, Hungary – hotel Beatrix, Fabula, Budapest

Accommodation in Turkey – hotel Marti

Questions and tasks to be discussed


-          evaluation of the time schedule, numbers of pupils and other mobilities


-final performance in Cesky Tesin- will more countries performe the fairy tale(children from different countries or each country its own fairy tale, or the Czech only?) don’t forget that each country must organize a fairy tale performance in English and present it to their parents and public


-          DVD presentation of the individual countries about the project work and individual schools at the final meeting


- don’t forget that during the project, english teachers cooperate with the art teachers (drawings for fairy tales) computer teachers (graphic support of the fairy tale) geography, history, homeland study teachers (pupils meet associated countries, they learn about their history, geography, art, folk art, traditions) czech language teachers (searching of the cultural heritage, comparison of the similarities different countries’ fairy tales) and music teachers (singing and music of the individual countries, songs for the fairy tales)


Actualization of project web pages – partners are sending information from their countries to coordinator who is putting them up on the web site.


Use of ICT – presentation Powerpoint, recordings on the video camera - ensure the material in the individual countries, exchanging of the pupils’ email addresses of the associated countries and the beginning of their correspondence, organizing of the video conference via webcamera, information on the project web pages


Media coverage of the project


All the notice boards and documents, information lists for parents, tests and articles are presented in public and are marked with the project logo


It was discussed:


Time schedule of the project meetings

Tasks for all the participating countries: Read carefully all the parts and results of the project.

All the countries, should send 10 photos of your school (that describe the school in a best way) with a short text about the school

Send the photos to the coordinator who will put them on the web site

Start exchanging emails between pupils and classes.