Comenius Project meeting 11.-13.10. 2010

06/11/2010 20:05


In august 2010, our school was announced that we succeeded in the Project Comenius -Schools Partnership.

The name of the project we asked for is „From fairy tale to fairy tale“. At the beginning there were 7 schools asking for the project, 5 states succeeded in the project. In the years 2010-2012, we are going to be partners with the schools from Poland, Spain, Turkey and Hungary

During the work on the project , our pupils together with their teachers will choose and translate three national fairy tales that they will exchange together with other countries and a new five-state fairy tale book will be created This book will enrich our pupils with the traditions and culture of other countries including their national richness. All the pupils from the school will be involved in the project. Some will illustrate the tales during the art lessons, they will speak about the individual countries during the lessons of geography, history, explain the nation differencies in literature and english language, they will learn singing new songs of our friends during the music lessons.

The first project meeting was held in the Czech republic. We talked about the content of the project, we discussed the individual tasks for the following period. We also went and saw our elementary school, Český a polský Těšín and other interesting places of theMoravia-silesian region, for example Mine museum Landek in Ostrava or local brewery in Vojkovice where we could follow the excursion of the beer production. Altogether 10 guests arrived to our school, 4 teachers from Turkey, 2 representatives from Hungary, 2 from Poland and 2 from Spain. All of us got known each other, we discussed mainly the school systems in the individual countries, every day we met informally at a common dinner where we discussed the interesting things about the individual countries.

The most interesting was common workshop of the partners with our pupils. The children asked in English our friends about the school, pupils, and other interesting facts from the individual countries. Thanks to the workshop the pupils realised the necessity of the use of English in the real life. The workshop was also attended by the deputy-mayor of Český Těšín Mr. Milan Pecka and it was filmed by the local television. The workshop itself contributed a lot not only to our partners but also to our pupils.

We created the boards for the project and we all look forward to the new work, new friendly meetings. The meetings should take place with pupils in April 2011 in Hungary, teachers´ exchange are planned to be in May in Turkey, in October in Spain and in December in Poland.

We believe that the project „From fairy tale to fairy tale“ will contribute to the greater children’s interest in English language and that thanks to the project they will improve in English


                                                                                      Mgr. Jana Valošková – director of school