Project meeting in Hungary – Budapest, 3. – 8 April 2011

19/05/2011 10:23

Project meeting in Hungary – Budapest, 3. – 8 April 2011


From fairy tale to fairy tale


Thanks to the project Comeniusschool partnership a new beautiful fairy tale’s book of five European countries Turkey, Spain, Poland, Hungary and the Czech republic is created.


Pupils from our partnership schools are translating their national tales into English and from English they translate the tales of their partners into their native languages.


The parts of the project are:


Dramatization of the fairy tales


Artistic representation of the fairy tales


Pupils´ enrichment of culture and other countries´ traditions


The Czech Republic is processing these tales:


-          Tale about animals (1st. – 2nd. degree)


-          Little red riding hood (3rd – 5th. degree)


-          The Cinderella (6th. – 9th. degree)




B u d a p e s t  2011


The first exchange visit of our pupils took place in Budapest, Hungary from 3-8 April 2011. 26 pupils from our school were accommodated in their friends´ families. They attended together the Hungarian school, but they also went to several trips and visited the Budapest’s monuments.

The pupils mostly appreciated the visit of the famous parliament, boat excursion on the Danube River and the beautiful view over the nocturnal, beautifully illuminated Budapest

Very nice were trips to Visegrad and Esztergom, the biggest basilica in Hungary, and to the monument of the liberation and citadel on the Gellert hill, which is the important dominant of the river panorama.

This 30 meters high monument is a woman figure holding a sprig of victory. Citadel was built by the Habsburgs between 1848 and 1849.


Highly estimated cultural monument in Hungary is Opera building. The other important attraction of Budapest which our pupils could see is Monument on the Square of the Heroes, reminding the fame of Millennium 1896

Not far from the center is a castle museum Nagytétény. The tourist paradise for visitors is Budapest market.


The last day we visited the oldest ZOO in Europe. Pupils liked the Budapest’s ZOO very much. Here, they saw zebras, monkeys and the other animals.

During the stay, the pupils assisted in the interest workshops in the Hungarian school. Together with the Hungarian and Turkish pupils they increased their communicative competitions in the English language. Many new friendships have started and still go on thanks to the mails, Skype and facebook.

Hungarian teachers and pupils showed us a dramatic interpretation of their fairy tales in English. It was one fairy tale with puppets and one with actors.

Everybody is looking forward to our next meeting which takes place in May 2011 in Turkey and in October 2011 we will meet Hungarian pupils in our country.


Project schedule



Exchange stay of the pupils in Poland

-teachers and pupils

                                             17. – 19. 5. 2011


Project meeting in Turkey

-teachers                                           23. – 29. 5. 2011


Project meeting in the Czech republic

-teachers and pupils from Hungary, Poland and Turkey

                                                         3. -  7. 10. 2011


Project meeting in Spain

-teachers                                           16. – 20. 4. 2012


Project meeting in Poland

-teachers and pupils                         4. – 8. 6. 2012



The final evaluation and the project academy

KaSS „Střelnice“                                              5. 6.  project 2012