End of the project

07/01/2013 21:46

Our last project meeting took place in June 2012 in the border towns of Czech Republic and Poland - Český Těšín and Cieszyn. there was a last set of children performances in a cultural center - partners, children and public could see good old classics - Little shack, Red Riding Hood and Cinderella performed by Czech children and Krak and the dragon played by Polish children. We exchanged bilingual books of fairytales and enjoyed last chats and being together. Even though the project is finished, our frienship and memories of common actions will last. If you are interested to see our work, you are welcome to have a look. Our common work - working on the tales, creating books, illustrating, photos from meetings and performances of fairytales can be found also on the following pages:



Spanish tales – working on tales presentation (Working on the tales SP)



Mariquita – performance (Teatro Mariquita SP)



Turkey – working on tales presentation (project Comenius TUR)



Czech meeting – presentation  (CZECHmeeting X2012)



Cinderella – Czech performance (Cinderella EN in CZ)



Birch wooden Puppet – Hungarian performance (Birch wooden puppet Peter HUN)



Hungarian fairytales book (hungarian book)



Czech – working on tales photos (Fairytales drawings 1)



Hungary – working on tales (working on the tales hungary)