The main idea of the project:

is to encourage children to work together and popularize traditional folk tales, representative of the different countries and introduce them in different forms in the educational process.

Five schools from five different countries work together on this project /see ABOUT US for details/.

The value of the project:

1.       Improved motivation for student and for teachers

2.       Increase knowledge and understanding of European culture and systems of education

3.       Develop student’s awareness of their environment

4.       A European dimension of education and children’s stronger feeling of the belonging to the European space/values

5.       Children’s participation can teach them what “active citizenship” means: collaboration, tolerance, responsibility…

6.       Making new friends

7.       Improve the quality of the use of foreign languages

8.       Students may become more confident in using new technologies of communication (ICT(

9.       Children will gain greater knowledge of their national culture and traditions of other European cultures. They will also learn to distinguish similarities and diversities and accept differences with tolerance

At the end of the project /lasting from October 2010 to June 2012 – 4 school terms/ there should be proposed “The Fairy Tale Collection” with materials collected and crafted from the pupils with their teachers. This way, teachers will have at their disposa “The Treasury of Fairy-tale Collections”